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DL8+ Data Logger

State of The Art Miniature 8-Channel Multi-Purpose Medical Grade Data Logger

DL8+ Data logger
  • Small, Light & Versatile
  • Embedded Triaxial Accelerometer
  • 24-bit High Resolution
  • 18kHz Total Sampling Rate
  • Real-time Clock
  • Live Data Preview
  • Extended Recording Time

The new MIE DL8+ is an 8 channel analogue data logger with an additional built-in triaxial accelerometer. It has been designed to accommodate a range of plug-in transducers including EMG pre-amplifiers, electrogoniometers and other devices including custom strain gauge transducers to measure loads and forces.


User Definable Channel Settings

Each channel can be individually configured to collect data at different resolutions and sampling rates as required. For example, you may wish to use the embedded triaxial accelerometer to measure at 3kHz sampling rate at 24-bit resolution; channels 1,2,3 & 4 at 1kHz sampling rate for sEMG at 24-bit resolution; but only 500Hz for channels 5 & 6 at 16-bit resolution for measuring electrogoniometers; and 100Hz at 12-bit resolution for foot switches in channels 7 & 8.

Real-Time Clock & Scheduling

A built-in real-time clock not only time stamps the data, but also allows you to set multiple start/stop recording periods. This is ideal for recording only certain parts of the day or night or for just taking high resolution data for short periods of time over extended periods (e.g. 1 minute of recording every hour for 1 month).

Internal Triaxial Accelerometer

This useful embedded sensor records movement data in addition to the 8 analogue inputs, providing a total of 11 channels of data collection. Movement analysis is provided in MyoDat indicating total walking time, resting time, and other useful parameters.

Extended Recording Time

By default, the DL8+ uses a single AA battery giving up to 24 hours continuous recording (depending upon the transducers being used). Even longer recording periods can be achieved using our external battery pack.

Easy Video Synchronisation

Recorded data can be easily synchronised to digital video using our MyoDat software. The on-board LED emits a unique flashing pulse. This is detected within the video and used to accurately and seamlessly synchronise it with the recorded data.


MIE also produces customised accessories to suit particular applications. Including electrogoniometers to measure joint angles, foot switch encoders to measure heel and toe contact times and strain gauge amplifiers. We also design and manufacture custom transducers.


We can tailor a package to suit your needs supplying the appropriate transducers, software and accessories. Our two most popular packages are:

  • Basic: Standalone DL8+ with our Procure software.
  • Standard: DL8+, EMG electrode kit including 8 sets of EMG pre-amplifiers and our complete Myo-Dat software suite.

Product Specifications

DL8+ Specifications*
  • Input Channels:
  • Storage Capacity:
  • Resolution:
  • Sampling Rate:
  • Power Requirements:
  • Physical Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • 8
  • 2GB MIE MicroSD™ card as standard
  • 24-bit, 16-bit or 12-bit (programmable)
  • ea. channel programmable up to 18kHz total
  • 1 x AA battery or 1.1v-5v AA sized battery
  • 72mm x 55mm x 18mm
  • 90g including memory card and AA battery
DL8+ Pre-Amp Specifications*
  • Gain:
  • CMRR:
  • Frequency Response:
  • Weight:
  • Compatability:
  • x1000
  • >120dB
  • 6Hz to 6000Hz at 3dB
  • 10g excluding cable and connector
  • surface, needle and wire electrodes
*MIE Medical Research Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without notice.