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MIE Gait Analysis System

A unique, easy and economical system for providing instantaneous gait analysis

The MIE Gait Analysis System is a unique and economical system providing instantaneous analysis of gait which can be used anywhere and requires no specialised operator training.

By significantly reducing costs and minimizing the delay before usable data is obtained, routine gait analysis becomes a clinical reality

  • Needs no special laboratory facilities -
    Can Be used outdoors
  • Data can be transmitted > 150m with no trailing wires to the computer
  • Simple and quick to operate, a typical test time is 15 minutes
  • Provides instantaneous analysis of gait for single or several steps
  • Data can be stored on disk and results may be printed for patient notes


Analysis Includes

  • Flexion and extension of hip,
    knee and ankle joints
  • Heel and toe ground contact times
  • Plots of knee angle against hip angle
  • Index of bilateral asymmetry for each variable
  • Successive steps may be averaged or displayed separately

Unique Features

  • Reusable heel and toe contact switches provide numeric and graphic information of cadence parameters
  • The system can be used with or without ankle goniometer


Clinical Medicine

  • Measuring effects of medication
  • Monitoring progress of disease
  • Measurement of debility after trauma
  • Gait analysis of rheumatoid patients
  • Gait analysis of patients with nervous diseases (e.g. Parkinsonism)

Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Fitting of orthotic and prosthetic devices
  • Rehabilitation of stroke patients
  • Rehabilitation of rheumatoid patients
  • Rehabilitation of amputees

Medical Research

  • Evaluation of new and established physiotherapy techniques
  • Evaluation of drug therapies
  • Evaluation of walking aids
  • Design of orthotic and prosthetic devices
  • Evaluation of orthopaedic interventions

The full Gait Analysis System consists of

  • Electrode kit
  • Two foot switch encoders
  • Ten sets of reusable toe and heal switches
  • All necessary connecting leads
  • Full instructions & support