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Digital Analysers

Reliable monitoring for rehabilitation therapy and sports training

Digital Pinch/Grip

Digital Pinch/Grip
  • Objective measurement of Grip strength
    and endurance
  • Finger Pinch Strength and Endurance
  • Provides true force values in Newton's,
    kilograms or pounds
  • Connects to PC computer for detailed analysis
    and real time biofeedback
  • Accurate to one Newton across the whole
    physiological range

The Pinch/Grip Analyser measures both hand grip finger 'key grip' pinch performance. The handle is made from a special lightweight but stiff aerospace alloy and is adjustable to accommodate all hand sizes and fixed flexion deformities. MIE's patented design overcomes any leverage effects when gripping the handle, so that the measured force is the same, irrespective of hand position. Finger strength can therefore be measured when the handles are adjusted to their minimum separation. The therapist is able to support the entire weight of the handle to administer tests on particularly frail subjects.

Digital Myometer

Digital Myometer
  • Objective measurement of muscle strength
    and endurance
  • Calculates data as a standard value of torque
  • Multi-functional for many different
    muscle groups
  • Connects to a PC computer for detailed
  • Real time bio-feedback
  • Accurate to one Newton across the
    whole physiological range

The myometer is a multi-force analyser for measuring the magnitude of isometric contractions of many muscle groups. The transducer measures force which is automatically converted by the software to the more useful measure of torque (Nm) about a joint. The calculation of torque is made from a simple measurement of the lever arm length during the test set-up procedure and ensures that the data are presented in standard meaningful units of measurement.


The system is able to connect directly to the serial or USB port of a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC, so that the detailed analysis can be performed using our included WinCAS software.

Digital Display Unit

  • Displays true force values in choice of Newton's, kilograms or pounds
  • Peak or instantaneous display of force
  • Integral computer interface for detailed analysis
  • Auto zero button for ease of calibration
  • Factory calibrated/requires no adjustment
Multi Analyser
Because of the many similarities in these instruments, the multi-analyser provides an economical alternative for users wanting both our systems.
By simply interchanging transducers, you can measure grip strength from the same instrument and analyse the data on the same WinCAS software.