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Myo-Dat 8 for Windows

data acquisition & analysis software

Myo-Dat 8 for Windows

MyoDat is a powerful data collection and analysis software package designed for use exclusively with our telemetry and data logger range of products; namely the telemetric systems MT20 and MT12 and the Data Logger systems DL20, DL12 and DL8+.

MyoDat provides detailed EMG & Gait Analysis in a simple intuitive package.


  • Real time display of raw EMG data and other signals for setting up purposes or monitoring
  • Raw EMG and RMS EMG
  • Logic display of muscle activity to show agonistic and antagonistic activity
  • Automatic maxima and minima values displayed for each muscle contraction
  • Integrated EMG (total and optional time base reset)
  • Quantified EMG algorithm according to Spaepen
  • Spectral frequency analysis for complete test and also for muscle activity only
  • Power spectral density analysis with median frequency displayed for fatigue analysis
  • Dedicated fatigue analysis with comparative chart facilities
  • Correlation facilities in graphical and numerical format
  • Numerical analysis of data can be displayed either on screen or as a print out
  • Overlay facilities to combine EMG data with video camera images
  • Powerful, fully searchable subject database
  • Exports analysis or raw data to a variety of formats (ASCII TXT/CSV, DIF, MSExcel, XML)
  • User defined settings to customise analysis parameters and hardware configurations

MyoDat has built-in support for a variety of common Common Transducer Types and signal inputs. You are also free to define your own custom transducer types and models.

Video Capture

In addition to recording measurement data, MyoDat can also acquire video with your recording from supported digital camera models. Video capture can be useful as it allows you to see the physical movement associated with the recorded signals.

Live Preview

MyoDat provides a live preview of the data from both the telemetry systems and also from the data loggers (via an opto-isolated USB connection) so that you can review the quality of the data and check that all the transducers are working as expected. The yellow border indicates “live” data is being displayed.

Once data recording has ceased, you can replay the data. The data can be scrolled in slow motion, fast forward, data point by data point etc. Furthermore, the data can be compressed or expanded as required.