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MIE Sales & Support Area

This area contains files which are not publicly available for download and is for authorised users only. Unless otherwise stated you should assume any files downloaded from this area are private and confidential and may not be distributed.
Virtual directory listings are not available here, you must know the name of the required file. Please use the link sent to you from our support staff to access your file directly.

Private Uploads

You may upload files to the private members area for collaboration or sharing with other members, like our technical support team. You will be supplied with a link to any uploaded file which you will need to share with other members whom you wish to grant access. All uploads are logged and are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Periodically files within this area may be deleted to save space and will not be included in our backup routine. You should therefore be sure to retain local copies of any uploaded files.

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Third party

Related links are provided to third-party websites, no guarantee is made as to their content, suitability, availability or reliability.

  • Adobe Reader : Allows PDF documents to be displayed, such as our electronic product manuals for example.

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